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Reddit has launched two new tools to make it easier to follow what’s happening. The tools, called Events and Collections, are designed to make Reddit more user-friendly, and particularly for new users who aren’t familiar with how Reddit works.

Reddit has established itself as one of the cornerstones of the web. It’s a vibrant place full of diverse discussions. However, it isn’t always easy to know where to go, what to click, and how to get involved in conversations. Which is where Events and Collections come in.

How Reddit’s New Events and Collections Work

As explained in this post on /r/modnews, Events are “posts with time/date metadata associated with them,” and Collections are “mod-curated groups of posts”. Both tools are designed to help moderators help users follow events as they happen.

Events “help bring awareness about upcoming events in your community that users can also follow to get a reminder when they start”. Collections “make it simple to put together related content in one place so that users can quickly navigate between […] posts”.

Helping Reddit Make Sense of Game of Thrones

The most obvious example of how these new tools could be useful is Game of Thrones. When a new episode airs, Reddit is awash with posts talking about the show. There are in-depth discussions of particular scenes, overarching theories, and more besides.


Using Events, Reddit mods will be able to raise awareness of when an episode is airing. And using Collections, Reddit mods will be able to curate this content into a collection. Thus making it easier for users to get involved and keep track of what’s happening.

Events and Collections have been in beta since September 2018. And during testing, Reddit has made a number of improvements to the way they work. This includes the ability to turn existing posts into events, different layouts for collections, and mobile support.

Lapsed Users Should Give Reddit Another Try

Reddit is continually improving, whether that’s through changing how it looks or by removing subreddits spreading hate. So if you haven’t been on Reddit for a while it’s worth taking a second look. And to help you out here’s a quick guide to the new Reddit.

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