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How to turn on critical alerts in iOS 12

Critical alerts are notifications that appear even when your iPhone or iPad is in Do Not Disturb mode or silenced. These include notifications with crucial information about weather emergencies or important health alerts from connected devices.

How Do Critical Alerts work?

Apple’s iOS 12 introduced critical alerts along with several other notification enhancements. They cannot be silenced because they contain essential information you need to be aware of. Weather, health, and security apps might generate a critical alert notification, for example. Like standard notifications, you need to opt in to receive them.

Not all apps are allowed to send critical alerts. Before an app can send critical alerts, the developer needs to apply for an entitlement from Apple. Apple manually vets apps to ensure the information is critical.

Critical alerts are different from standard notifications. They’ll work even if you do not allow other notifications from the app. You may not have any apps that can send critical alerts, but if you do, there a couple of ways to enable those notifications.

How to Turn On an App’s Critical Alerts

Many apps with critical alerts will prompt you to enable them the first time you open the app. You’ll see a message saying the app “would like to send you critical alerts.” Tap “Allow” to activate critical alerts from that app. You may be able to customize what the app alerts you about from within the app itself.

If you don’t enable critical alerts when the app is first launched (or just need to change the setting), you can tweak it in Settings > Notifications.

Open the Settings app Tap on Notifications

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