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The Nintendo Switch is a great console for taking out and about with you (or simply from room to room), but it’s also quite vulnerable. It’s thin, lightweight, and has a great screen that’s also easily prone to damage. We’ve looked at the best Nintendo Switch cases for keeping your beloved console safe from harm.

Each of these cases will protect your Nintendo Switch in a multitude of ways, from covering the screen to keeping the exterior of the device safe from scratches and bumps. There’s also typically room for a couple of accessories as well as a few game carts so you can simply pick up the case and go.

Let’s take a look at the best picks.

Best Padded Slim Case: Tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case ($21)

Tomtoc Switch Carrying Case

The Tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case looks like your typical slim case (albeit a bit more stylish), but the interior hides a superior layer of protection than you’ll find in most slim cases. Under the molded shell is a layer of impact foam that buffers your Switch from taking a hard hit if you drop it.

Despite the extra padding, it’s also a very slim and lightweight case that’s easy to toss into your bag or carry around via the hand strap. It’s splash proof too, and has a heavy-duty zipper so there are no weaknesses in the design.

Unfortunately, there’s no room for extra accessories such as the Switch dock, but there is a compartment for storing 10 game cartridges so you can take much of your game collection with you when you travel.

Best For Carrying Everything: Zadii Hard Carrying Case ($32)

Zadii Hard Carrying Case

For those times when you want to carry everything to do with your Nintendo Switch all at once, there’s the Zadii Hard Carrying Case. It’s a chunky attache style case that has enough room for the console, dock, power adaptor, joy-con grips, joy-con straps, HDMI cable, a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and 21 game cards too. That should be enough for most users, right?

The case is comprised of high-quality pre-cut foam inserts that ensure each part of your Switch is kept safe and secure when in motion. The case itself is of the hard shell variety so you’re safe from drop damage.

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