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Like most apps, you can launch Word from the Command Prompt, but Word also supports several optional switches for controlling the startup process.

Whether you type the command at the prompt, use it to create a shortcut, insert it as part of a batch script, launching Word with additional parameters lets you do things like start Word in Safe Mode for troubleshooting or start with a specific template.

Using the Command Prompt to Start Word

Before we can open Word using the Command Prompt, we need to figure out which directory the winword.exe file is located. You can do this manually, or you can just have the Command Prompt find it for you. To do this, go ahead and open the Command Prompt by opening the start menu and typing “cmd” and selecting the “Command Prompt” application.

Open Command Prompt in Start Menu

When you open the Command Prompt, you’ll be in the top tier directory—your user account folder. We need to dig deeper by going into the Program Files directory. Do so by entering the following command and then pressing Enter:

cd\”program files (x86)”

Program Files in Command Prompt

You’ll now be in the Program Files directory. The next step is to locate the directory where the winword.exe file is located. Do so by typing the following command and pressing “Enter.”

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