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PowerPoint can pop up an image when you hover your pointer over a thumbnail image. This lets you keep a nice, clean slide, but also show your audience more information when you want to.

How to Pop Up a Bigger Image When You Hover Over a Thumbnail

In this example, we have four thumbnail images, and we want to set up a hover effect that shows a pop-up of a larger image when you mouse over each of the thumbnail images.

First, on a new slide, insert your thumbnail image by heading to Insert > Pictures. The thumbnail image is whatever small image you want to use as a thumbnail on your slide—not a special kind of image.

Here’s an example of our slide with four thumbnail images inserted.

Next, you’ll need to add a new slide for each of the popups for the larger images. Right-click on your first slide’s thumbnail, and then select “New Slide.” Repeat this step for any additional slides needed for each of your larger images.

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